The Palpation Course aims to help you develop the tools you need in your work as an osteopath. Refining our sense of palpation enhances all of our work, but is particularly important when working with Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.

Course Content

  • explore what and how we feel
  • develop and enhance pre-existing skills
  • gain feedback on practical skills from experienced tutors
  • prepare for the 5-day Course in Cranial Osteopathy
  • gain skills that are immediately applicable in practice

Fees And Booking

Please contact our Administrator on (0845) 519 3493 if you have any questions regarding booking and payment for this course. Discounts are provided for students and early payment of fees.

“Excellent course. Really helpful and reassuring in helping my practice. Something that would be useful to repeat periodically. Great practical exercises – without stress/concern about ability. Has really helped me to take a step back and achieve more.”