Specifically for Undergraduates!

This one day workshop is aimed at the Undergraduate student who wishes to develop primary skills in this area. Essentially a practical day, the aim will be to improve your palpation skills and help you to understand what you feel. We will be introducing BLT principles so that you fully comprehend the fundamentals.

You will be provided with tools and techniques which can be used straight away as an integrated part of the treatment of peripheral joints. If you’d like to get one step ahead prior to taking a 5-day Course in Cranial Osteopathy, then this is an ideal opportunity!

Course Content

This is essentially a practical course, interjected by lectures to an academic backdrop to the palpated experience. The course includes:

  • Introduction to the concept of Balanced Ligamentous Tension
  • Differentiating palpated tissue types
  • Hands on application of BLT principles in treatment
  • Applying the concept to different areas of the body

Fees And Booking

Please contact our Administrator on (0845) 519 3493 if you have any questions regarding booking and payment for this course. Discounts are provided for students and early payment of fees.

“I learnt loads today, everybody was friendly and supportive. The teaching was easy to follow. I had a great day thank you.”